ZONE15PRODUKKIONZ is an independent record label and music production company based in Cincinnati, Ohio that specializes in creating true hip hop, R&B and neo soul music filled with substance and purpose. ZONE15PRODUKKIONZ currently represents positive motivational speaker and hip hop artist KOOL KEN along with one of today's top hip hop duo's, The Play Back Kingz featuring Lan P aka The Lyrical Beast & Sha Hay aka The Verbal Assassin.

Mission Statement

ZONE15PRODUKKIONZ is committed to producing, manufacturing, marketing, and distributing high quality/non-explicit music worldwide.


The name, ZONE15PRODUKKIONZ LLC was chosen because it represents a small suburban community approximately 12 miles north of downtown Cincinnati called Lincoln Heights. This community struggled throughout the 30’s and early 40’s to become incorporated but was ultimately chartered as an independent municipality in 1945 through action of the Hamilton County Commissioners. That incorporation, however, left it with only .8 square miles of land. Approximately 10 years later, this same community produced The Isley Brothers (one of the few groups that have charted hits in five different decades – 1950’s to present).  ZONE15PRODUKKIONZ means to overcome adversity and to make dreams come true.

Company History

The Greater Cincinnati area has a rich history of music and talent but limited record labels.  All the talent has to travel out of state and across country to be heard and or discovered. ZONE15PRODUKKIONZ was created to bring the talent back home and it will start with a dedicated and dependable team of talented musicians and artists to resurrect the music reputation Cincinnati is well known for.

Ken Powell is a record producer, recording artist, and manager who founded ZONE15PRODUKKIONZ. Throughout the last eight years Mr. Powell has been involved in different aspects of the music business in the Cincinnati and surrounding areas where he has observed the different directions the industry has taken.  Cincinnati is a city that can sustain and support different businesses in the music industry.  He realized that the time is right to utilize the resources available and direct those efforts towards developing artist through the production and sale of records.

The label has released Kool Ken and PBK.  The promotion and marketing efforts of the label concentrates in College/Urban/Public radio markets and then move outside to other states as the promotional efforts increase.  Mr. Powell believes that it is important to synergize the music community by building an industry infrastructure in the city of Cincinnati and expanding to other parts of the Midwest and the United States. In order for there to be a successful music industry in the city of Cincinnati and the state of Ohio, it all needs to start right here first and then make its way to the rest of the country.

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